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Adrenal Disorders

Our services are organized into multiple clinics, each of which focuses on a different aspect of endocrine health.

Endocrine Hypertention (Cushing syndrome, Hyperaldosteronism, Pheochromocytoma)

Many aging men suffer from “male hypogonadism” due to low male sex hormone “testosterone “. It may manifest by low energy, fatigue and erectile dysfunction. We screen for male hypogonadism, work up for various etiologies of this disorder and provide adequate testosterone supplementation whenever indicated to optimal levels.

Adrenal Incidentaloma

Adrenal tumors are incidentally found during abdominal radiologic studies (CT scan or MRI). Although most of these tumors are benign and non-functional , however some of these tumors can be either cancerous or produce abnormal hormone levels which can be deleterious to health with a potential to cause high sugars, high blood pressure and weight gain. In our endocrine clinic we personally review the CT scan and MRI images and perform hormonal testing to assess the functional status of these tumors.We work in close collaboration with endocrine surgeons for resection of these tumors if indicated.

Adrenal deficiency

Adrenal deficiency can present as fatigue, weight loss and salt craving. It could be due to either primary adrenal dysfunction or secondary to pituitary gland dysfunction. In our endocrine clinic we assess adrenal function by detailed clinical history endocrine physical examination and using special dynamic endocrine testing (ACTH stimulation testing or Metopyrone testing) whenever indicated.