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Bone (Osteoporosis)

Our services are organized into multiple clinics, each of which focuses on a different aspect of endocrine health.

BMD and VFA interpretation of DXA scans

Our endocrinologists are “Certified Clinical Denstiometrists” by International Society of Clinical Denstiometry (ISCD) to interpret Bone Mineral density “BMD” and vertebral fracture assessment “VFA”on DXA scan results to access bone health. All women above age of 65 years old and most men over 70 years old should get an assessment of bone health by DXA scan. Furthermore men or women above age of 50 years with 2 or more risk factors for osteoporosis (soft bones) should get DXA scan to assess strength of bones.

Osteoporosis and Fragility fracture management

We manage patients with diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis (soft/weak bones) to prevent future fractures. We provide consultation on adequate supplementation of calcium, vitamin D, appropriate exercise, balance training, fall prevention and various pharmaceutical agents including oral bisphosphonates, yearly IV reclast infusion, 6 monthly Prolia injections and daily SQ forteo injections. We provide in hospital consultation and follow up continuity care in clinic on fragility fractures (fracture after a fall from standing height after age of 30 years, usually Hip, spine, wrist or end of long bones fractures) to strengthen the bones for prevention of future fractures.