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Diabetes & Obesity Clinic

Our services are organized into multiple clinics, each of which focuses on a different aspect of endocrine health.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

In our diabetic clinic we provide advice on Diabetes prevention, with life style modifications and medicines for people who are at high risk for developing diabetes. Risk factors for developing diabetes are being overweight, family history of diabetes, use of steroids etc. we treat and manage patients with diabetes according to up to date medical knowledge and various medications, including the new medicines which help weight reduction along with glycemic control.

Diabetes Education

We work in collaboration with American Diabetes Association certified diabetes educators and medical nutrition therapists to provide integrated diabetes care with concept of disease management. We educate and empower the patients about their disease and help them modify their life style towards healthy habits at their desired pace.

Insulin Pump Therapy

We provide latest state of art insulin pump therapy. Insulin Pump continuously administers insulin without needles and pricks. We assess and educate the patient who desire for insulin pump therapy in collaboration with certified diabetes educator and medical nutrition therapist.

We calculate and adjust basal, bolus and correction insulin rates to provide precise dose of insulin personalized for an invidual’s body, life style and eating preferences.

Contineous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

We provide services of Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs).We provide consultation about both patient operated CGMS and physician operated CGMS. CGMS use an under-the-skin sensor to measure glucose levels (without pricking each time) and transmit the results to a handheld receiver or insulin pump every one to five minutes. CGMS provides better understanding of glucose pattrens especially overnight, after eating and during exercise. Equipped with this knowledge, we can better adjust insulin dose for optimal glycemic control tailored to an individual patient’s body and life style.