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Lipid Disorders

Cholestrol and triglycerides are fat particles which circulate in blood. Cholestrol has two major types. HDL or “good cholesterol” and LDL or “bad cholesterol”. When LDL or triglyceride levels are high or HDL levels are low in blood, fat deposits in blood vessels making them hard and narrow, leading to heart attacks, strokes and poor circulation in limbs specially in legs and feet.

Desirable levels of blood fats are LDL below 70-100, HDL above 40 for men and above 50 for women and triglycerides below 150. Abnormal levels are associated with certain endocrine conditions including thyroid disease, diabetes, cushing syndrome, polycystic ovarian disease and metabolic syndrome. Desirable levels can be achieved by treating underlying disorder, life style modification with emphasis on diet and exercise and use of medications.

Hormones and Heart Disease

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