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Men & Women Hormone Clinic

Our services are organized into multiple clinics, each of which focuses on a different aspect of endocrine health.

Male Hypogonadism and Erectile dysfunction

Many aging men suffer from “male hypogonadism” due to low male sex hormone “testosterone “. It may manifest by low energy, fatigue and erectile dysfunction. We screen for male hypogonadism, work up for various etiologies of this disorder and provide adequate testosterone supplementation whenever indicated to optimal levels.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS )

Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) is characterized by hirsutism (excessive hair growth), irregular menstrual periods and metabolic disorders of diabetes and obesity. We provide treatment for non-fertility aspects of PCOS. Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual periods) can be due to inadequate production of female hormones (estrogen and progestereone). We screen and provide adequate female hormone replacement whenever indicated.

Gender Identity disorder

Gender identity disorder (GID) is a conflict between a person's actual physical gender and the gender that person identifies himself or herself as. For example, a person identified as a boy may actually feel and act like a girl. The person experiences significant discomfort with the biological sex they were born.

Once diagnosed by a mental health provider as GID with one year of real life experience (RLE), patients may be scientifically and legally eligible to take hormones to transform the desired gender under the supervision of an endocrinologist. We provide hormone replacement therapy for GID according to current guide lines published by Endocrine Society.